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Posts tagged “development”

  1. In Praise of Vite

    The single best feature of Vite, as far as I’m concerned, is its simplicity. Compared to the nightmare of configuring WebPack and Babel? Vite is delightfully easy to use.

  2. How We Added Open Graph Tags to

    When plugins to add OG tags failed us, we decided to roll our own! This post demystifies open graph tags (which are just HTML meta elements, after all) and shows how we handle them.

  3. Defensive API Handling

    On a recent client project, we built a form that submitted to a third-party registration service. Easy-peasy, right? What followed was a comical series of incidents that served as an excellent lesson in defensive API handling.

  4. Code Linting for Web Designers

    You may have heard that you should be “linting” your code. What does that mean? Why would you want to do it?

  5. How to Automatically Update Your JavaScript Dependencies

    One frustrating aspect of the modern JavaScript ecosystem is keeping all your dependencies up to date. Thankfully, there are automated tools that can handle this thankless task for you.

  6. Squashing Your Pull Requests

    Most pull requests should squash down to a single commit with a well-written message explaining why a change is happening.

  7. How to Distribute a Pattern Library as an npm Package from a Private Git Repo

    So you’ve got a pattern library: Congratulations! The next step is making it possible for other people to use those patterns. You could simply provide download links for the CSS and other assets, but...

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