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Side Projects

These side projects aren’t related to my professional work. They mostly stem from hobbies, or from fun things I find that I want to build something around. I’ve got some tools that I use in my D&D campaign, some random generator sites, and of course my UFO podcast.

Cover image for the “It’s a Very Exciting Time” podcast showing two figures gesturing excitedly at a light in the sky.

It’s a Very Exciting Time

A podcast by a UFO nerd and his tolerant friend. Because if UFOs are real… what else? If any of this turns out to be true, it’s a very exciting time!

Established 2022

Fantasy Costco

A tool to allow a DM to run a magic item shop with rotating inventory. Includes a gachapon machine in the style of The Adventure Zone.

Established 2023

Excuse Generator

This page randomly generates an excuse to cancel plans. It’s based on this chart from A Visual Learner’s Guide to Being a Grown-Up, by Matt Shirley.

Established 2021

Kojima Name Generator

You are born to Hideo Kojima: How does he name you? Follow our comprehensive guide to finding your Kojima Name. Based on the Kojima Name Generator worksheet by Brian David Gilbert.

“Hey, Kojima? You can’t just name a dude Die-Hardman.”

Established 2019

Male Author Description Generator

This page randomly generates a description of a woman written in the style of a male novelist. It’s based on the Male Novelist Description Generator Chart, by Jess Zimmerman and Halimah Marcus.

Established 2019

Choose Your D&D Character

A simple choose-your-own-adventure-style site to help a player pick one of the pregenerated D&D 5e characters.

Established 2017

Who was the last US President with a beard?

A single-serving website sparked by a conversation with Kevin Platt.

Established 2009

Talk Like Warren Ellis

This page randomly generates a Warren Ellis-like greeting based on his tweets.

Established 2009