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Posts tagged “web-development”

  1. React-ing to Change

    Exactly one year ago today, I was laid off. The consequences were and still are painful. But I can’t deny that I’ve grown in ways I couldn’t imagine a year ago.

  2. How to Distribute a Pattern Library as an npm Package from a Private Git Repo

    So you’ve got a pattern library: Congratulations! The next step is making it possible for other people to use those patterns. You could simply provide download links for the CSS and other assets, but...

  3. Do Siegel’s Seven Deadly Sins Hold Up?

    In 1996, David Siegel’s book Creating Killer Web Sites was at the top of the charts on Amazon, and it quickly became the gold standard of web design books. Siegel may not have been the first to write...

  4. What’s the Mobile Use Case?

    I recently worked on a project to dramatically improve mobile access for an app. At least twice during the proposal process, I was asked “What’s the mobile use case?” I was caught a bit flat-footed by...

  5. Code Verbosity

    If breaking a shorthand up makes the code more readable, that's a trade-off I'm willing to make… especially after seeing the alternatives.

  6. The Many Exciting CSS Limits of Internet Explorer

    IE has a number of limits in the way it loads CSS, which can cause your styles to not be applied if you exceed them.

  7. Trust Your Designer, But Review Their Code

    Clearly defined responsibilities allow everyone to use the best tools for the job and ensure everyone’s work is held to the highest standard.

  8. How to use @font-face to avoid faux-italic and bold browser styles

    Did you know that if you declare a custom font, the browser will try to fake the bold and italic styles if it can't find them?

  9. How to avoid paragraph gaps when using superscript and subscript

    The default superscript and subscript styles leave awkward gaps in the text, but you can easily fix the problem with just a few lines of CSS.

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